What are the Backlinks & How to Create a Good Backlink in 2021?

This article hopes to talk about the basics of backlinks. Backlinks are not the hardest thing to learn in SEO, as many people think. But some of the things to do inside this are not so easy. What can identify ability, commitment, and the amount of money you can spend as some of the essential factors to succeed in this. Backlinks can be identified as an off-site SEO or Off-Page SEO method of SEO.

What Are the Backlinks?

Backlinks can be easily identified as a link coming to your website from another website. Website links, internal links, and links outside your website can be identified as external links, but most people consider backlinks links to websites that are external to their website. These are also known as inbound links and incoming links. When creating backlinks, the words used for the hyperlink created by connecting two websites are called anchor text. The pictures below will make it clear to you.

What is the significance of backlinks?

A backlink is something like a vote given from one website to another. It’s like recommending someone you know to do something. So when we recommend someone to a task, we tend to do it with more confidence, and when a backlink comes from one website to another, it becomes a significant reason to rise in the Google rankings.

Just as a backlink from a good website adds value to your website, a backlink from the wrong website adds terrible results to your website. In that case, your website may drop in the rankings of Google, or which may altogether remove your website from Google.

What is the significance of backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the leading and most important search engine ranking factors in Google. Every search engine, including Google, wants to create backlinks to your website naturally. It takes a long time to create backlinks naturally, and you need a website with good quality content. That’s when even a stranger will see our website and link to it. This is not something we can control at all. But many people create backlinks themselves because they want to rank their website. But this is not what Google wants. So when we make backlinks, we have to do it very carefully, just like natural backlinks. Therefore, if you do this work as you think, you are more likely to fail.

Things to consider when creating backlinks?

Not all backlinks should be created in the same way in any way. To rank, you need to pay more attention to quality backlinks.
A quality backlink can be more than 1000 low-quality backlinks. So somehow, it didn’t work out that it hit a lot of backlinks.
You need to pay more attention to the anchor text when creating backlinks because it is riskier if you use only one or two of the exact anchor text.

It is always best to use different, different anchor text. Main keyword anchor, related keywords anchors, brand name anchor, URL anchors, Click Here, Read More should be used in the mix to match the anchors. Do not use the exact anchor text inconsistently or unnecessarily. Using keyword anchors will help you rank the website for the keywords you want, but it is risky to continue using the exact anchor text. You have to be careful about that.

What are quality backlinks?

The most important thing you need to do when creating backlinks is to create quality backlinks. This is not an easy task. But it can be considered as an essential factor to make your website a success. Mainly quality backlinks can be identified under several sections.

Relevance – Relevance to your website

This is one of the main factors that you should consider in backlinks. Here the backlink becomes the main factor determining the relevance of the web page you are visiting your website.

What are quality backlinks?

For example, suppose your website is health-related. In that case, your backlinks coming from a health-related web page will have a more significant impact on your website ranking than a backlink coming from an irrelevant web page. Here the effect of your backlink on the ranking of your website is proportional to the extent to which that backlink has relevance to your website. This can be shown in the form of a pyramid, as shown in the picture below. 100% Relevancy has the maximum effect.

So if you put fewer relevant backlinks to your website, it will have a more negligible effect. It was hitting a lot of backlinks that have no relevance but maybe no success at all. This is one of the reasons why backlinks can be adversely affected by some tools.

Authority – Considered the authority of the website.

Website authority can be identified as the quality of a website. There are now standard units that measure the world as remote units, such as meters and kilometers. These are Domain Authority by Moz, Domain Rating by Ahrefs, Trust Flow by Majestic SEO.

To measure the authority of a web page, Moz and Ahrefs assign Page Authority and URL Rating, respectively. Using these, we have to get an idea about the website authority. These values ​​are given by different institutions based on different theories, so all three do not have the same values ​​even for the same website. Here, a website gets a value of 0-100 as a percentage. 100 is the maximum limit. That is the best authority limit. These are things that increase over time. Things like website content, how trust is built, website age, and backlinks profile all directly impact more or less.

So authority is the most critical backlink, but it can be identified as a backlink that has a significant impact on the ranking of our website, but as mentioned earlier, the maximum relevant and maximum authority backlink. This means that even if the authority increases and the relevance decreases, the effect is more negligible. Even if the relevance increases and the authority decreases, the influence decreases. Both of these factors are essential for a quality backlink.

Traffic – The number of visitors to the website

Generally, a website that receives traffic to the website where you get the backlink can be considered a good factor. The main goal here is not to be able to attract visitors to your website. But if it is a website that gets traffic, it can be called a high-quality website.


This means whether the search engine includes website details or not. This is because the web pages of some websites may not be included in the search engine for some reason, so entering the website into the search engine is called indexing. This is how websites are indexed and added to the google search console. No matter how good a backlink you get, your website will not be affected if it is not indexed. It can take up to a month for the backlink to be indexed, but this usually happens in less than two weeks.

Outbound Link Quality

This is an idea of ​​what kind of websites the backlink website provides backlinks to. Because it’s not a good idea to get backlinks from websites that have backlinks that have no match, value, or basis. There is a possibility that the spam rate of your website may increase.

Dofollow Link & Nofollow Link

Here the value of a backlink is only from the do-follow link, it does not matter if the backlink is created with a no-follow tag, but both types are used to show that the backlink profile of a website is a website with naturally formed backlinks.

Nofollow backlinks can often be identified as blog comments, press releases, paid advertisements. But you can create no-follow links from any website.

Domain That Hasn’t Linked to You Before

This means that when you get a backlink from a website that has not had a backlink before, it will have more value and effect, but if you get a lot of backlinks from the same website, you will not get more value.

Finally, the most important thing is creating a website with the right quality to get a backlink to grow backlinks naturally over time. It is also essential that you create a high-quality website to get the most out of the backlinks you receive. Because no matter the quality of the content of your website or the backlink you make, you cannot stay in a good ranking in Google. Therefore, you should always make sure to put quality, original, unique content on your website.

You can check the backlinks you get through the google search console or SEO tools like SEOTOOLZ. Unnecessary low quality or bad backlinks can be removed by the google disavow tool.

These are the basics of backlinks, but we will look at other essential things about backlinks in the future.

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