Keyword how helps to SEO? | Off-page, On-Page SEO & Keyword Research 2021

Search engines are like a library, like finding the book you want in a library. Search engines are a collection of billions of web pages. A search engine always shows the best results that match what you are searching for.

When a person searches for something, the simple result is that it is positioned in the most appropriate order from the beginning to the end. So the algorithm to use search engines in this process is not exactly what we can say or think. But there are more than 200 ranking factors that a search engine like Google can use to position results like this. Google knows only a small number of these as leading ranking factors.

These ranking factors are used to rank themselves. All of this is done automatically by computers or Google bots. So it should be our job to create a website that conforms to these ranking factors.

Keyword how helps to off-page & on-page SEO?

What is an SEO strategy?

Suppose you want to rank your webpage with the keyword best mobile phone in google. Now, to achieve this goal, you need to understand the competition for that keyword and optimize SEO in your web page to compete with it.

We need to focus on the more than 200 ranking factors named in Google and create an SEO strategy to compete with that competition. Until Google’s ranking factors change and are updated again, we will not compete with more competing keywords and less competitive keywords in the same way. You see, there is no point in competing in a high-speed car race or a bike race.

Also, it is easier to get successful results when using an SEO strategy than to optimize SEO issues. An SEO strategy is, as always, a collection of SEO-related facts.

On-Page SEO

This is where the basic foundation of SEO success lies. This is how you can identify the search engine optimization that is done on your website. Evidence for this includes keyword research & optimization, content, meta title & description, URL, image optimization, and internal links. On-page optimization is considered the ranking factor in Google. Still, it is not wrong because the content here has the primary influence on deciding whether or not a website will rank.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is a critical factor in the success of On-Page SEO. Because doing On-Page SEO alone does not guarantee success. But the combination of the two is critical to stay firmly at the top of the google rankings. Backlinks apply to off-page SEO. In other words, the optimization is done outside the website. In my experience, Off-Page SEO is the second most important ranking factor.

Off-Page SEO can be used to introduce contextual backlinks, guest posts, PBN, blog posting, blog comments, article submission, PR submission, social bookmarks & signals.

Technical SEO

This can also be identified as part of On-Page SEO itself but often falls under this category as the technical part of the website. Page loading speed, UX optimization, SSL Certificate (HTTPS), Mobile-friendliness, etc., can be included in this section. These can be identified as the necessary factors at present. Because if there are any weaknesses in these sections, it will reduce the rank to the front pages.

Now we will talk about some of the significant factors that affect ranking.

Keyword Research with

Keyword Research

When an internet user does a google search for something related to your website, all you need is to show your website. This is not something that can be done by guessing the keywords searched here.

You found the right target audience or keywords that your buyers are searching for using the correct methodology. This way, keyword discovery can be identified as keyword research.

Although there is no specific methodology for keyword research, it can often be seen that this is done using a unique methodology based on many commonalities. It is also possible to see famous as well as less popular keyword research strategies.

Doing successful keyword research can be identified as one of the critical factors in creating a successful website. In other words, this is a turning point in a successful website.

We can use various keyword research tools to do successful keyword research. Among them, some tools can be used for free as well as paid tools. Free tools often give us limited facilities. You have to pay to use advanced features. But you can do this keyword research for free by visiting for free with advanced features.

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