Fiverr Best Tutorial 100% Complete Guide – How to Start Fiverr in 2021

What is Fiverr? Fiverr is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world. Here you can buy or sell a variety of services. You’ve heard a lot about websites like eBay, Amazon, where you can buy any product or a variety of services from any country.

Today Fiverr is one such marketplace, but the most significant difference is that most of the sales and purchases here are based on services only.

This is also a world-class freelancer, Upwork freelancing website. The Fiverr website was launched around 2010, and for some time, this website has been selling and buying many valuable services for as little as $ 5. Still, today it has become the largest marketplace on the Internet that can sell services for more than $ 1000.

Why is Fiverr so important?

Fiverr is one of the best websites to succeed without any hassle. I told you that before. Now let’s see why I say that.

  • A sale on Fiverr / $ 5 or Rs. About 900 is a small amount of money. Because of this small amount of money, Fiverr is full of sales in an unimaginable way. So this is a significant advantage for you as a seller on Fiverr.
  • Fiverr costs less than a project from a professional website. This Fiverr is a Cheap Online Market Place. That’s why Fiverr is so successful.
  • Fiverr is mainly associated with Dhabakasabi. They come here to break big jars into smaller pieces and make a profit for themselves. It will benefit you too. You can earn more than $ 5 from it.
  • Some people who do not want to work on Fiverr / $ 5 may be due to the small amount. But think about it, small numbers make big numbers. If there are ten sales per day / $ 5, if you get sales throughout the month like that, maybe even more, what will be your monthly income?

It depends on how much you earn, not $ 5. It depends on your ability and dedication. If you can get more sales. Then you will not even have to think about $ 5. ($ 5 per sale but only $ 4, because $ 1 is deducted as Service Fees)

Start working today. You can see for yourself whether what I am saying is true or false. However, now it is not as easy as before to take orders as soon as you start. You have to be patient for a while and keep working. You have to work hard to get orders in the beginning.
When I told him to start work, he did not tell me how to do it. So let’s see how it works.

Are you a newbie who wants to make money on Fiverr but doesn’t know anything about it? So let’s start from the beginning. It is good to know everything before we start. It is said in the story. If you know Kataragama, you will be lost.

What’s going on inside this Fiverr? What happens on Fiverr is precisely what happens in a business. In a business, two parties are involved in a transaction. In Fiverr, two parties are involved in the same way. That is Buyer & Seller.


Who is this Buyer & Seller?

Buyer – The buyer is the person or person who takes the goods or services and pays them. You can not avoid paying on Fiverr. Only after paying the money will they be able to do their job.

Seller – The seller is the person who provides the goods or services to the buyer. So start Fiverr, and you will be the seller here.

Learn about the Fiverr language?

It is essential to know about this Fiverr tool to work with Fiverr and use it correctly. If you know it correctly, you can continue on the bridge without any problems.

Gig – A gig is a product or service sold on Fiverr.

Featured Gig – When there is a best-selling gig, Fiverr features that gig. Then that gig will be one of the first four gigs on the Home Page. That gig also gets a Featured Gig, Budge. This means that people on Fiverr will have confidence in you. (Fiverr Community Trust)

Request Gig – This is about the Request Gig in the Side Bar on the right side of Fiverr. This will help the buyer find a suitable seller to do the job. Only a buyer can add anything to this Request Gig.

Gig Extras – Gig Extras is a feature that keeps Fiverr Levels going up. Getting this means you can work for more than $ 5. When you go to the maximum levels, you can find even 100 bucks.

Fiverr Levels – Even a game we like only if it has levels. Then we will play that game willingly. There are similar levels on Fiverr. Level 01, Level 02, Top Rated Seller.

Fiverr Pro – This is a recently launched feature and is also known as Fiverr Pro. In a situation like Fiverr Pro, you can sell services at very high prices. Fiverr Pro services are considered the highest quality because not everyone can be a Fiverr Pro.

Fiverr Revenue Card – This Fiverr Revenue Card is a Payoneer Master Debit Card.

You need to have a plan before you start working on Fiverr. You also need to have a good vision. If you have the proper steps to start Fiverr, that’s right; if you build your foundation well, you’ll be able to build on it.

Let’s make a gig?

There are eight main categories to choose from on Fiverr. These eight main categories are subdivided into more than 100 subcategories. So it’s almost like there’s nothing inside. So there is something you can do on this Fiverr. Check out the categories here.

So if you look closely at all these types, it is not that difficult to find 5-10 things that anyone can do. From all these, I will teach you to step by step to choose the category that suits you best.

  1. Write down 20 Fiverr Categories that you know well from the Fiverr Category.
  2. Take the one you like the most out of the 20 and write down the minor services you can give for $ 5 under it.

Take some of the other Fiverr Categories you wrote that way and write down the services or Gig Ideas you can give for $ 5. Then you will get a big Gig Idealist. But first, you can not put so many gigs in your Fiverr account. The other thing does not mean that you put it so, so you can make a few good choices to create a gig. Choosing the things that are best for you can make it easier for you to get orders, which will help you be successful.

Let’s filter the Gig Ideas list?

When filtering the Gig Idealist, the first thing to do is read the Official Fiverr Page. If they are in English, then you need some knowledge of English. That’s why it’s good to know English for anything.

Fiverr Terms

Fiverr Privacy Policy

All you have to do is read this and delete the Terms Of Services or Services that violate the Privacy Policy from your Gig Idealist. It is a good idea to prepare now and then for future risks.

We work at Fiverr for $ 5, so we must focus on our time on $ 5 work. If you spend 10 to 15 hours looking for $ 5, you will not succeed in those sales. Therefore, if there are any such long-lasting services, delete them from your Gig Idealist.

It would help if you now looked at the category with the highest demand. This does not mean that you have to choose the category’s services that have the highest value. It would help if you saw which services have the most value in your Gig Idealist. Then you can delete the services that have the most negligible value in your Gig Idealist.

You can find the most in-demand on Fiverr’s Order Queue or Gig if you look at the list of streams that have arrived.

After filtering the Gig Ideas list under the above three steps, you will get some of the best services that Fiverr can give you.

Let’s create a Fiverr account.

Go to the homepage of Fiverr at and click join at the top corner as shown in the picture below, then you can see what a box looks like. Enter your email address in join Fiverr and continue.


Then enter the username and password you want to use in Fiverr and join. The username is what buyers see more than your real name. So use a matching name.

Fiverr Account Dashboard

Fiverr Account Dashboard

Once the account is created, you can not add gigs to the account at once. Before that, you have some work to do.

Put a good photo on your Fiverr profile.

The profile image of Fiverr Design is a bit large. That image size is not mentioned on the Fiverr Setting page. But the image size should be 250px – 250px. When you put the profile image, try to put your own.

Put an About Description on Fiverr Profile.

A description is a short description of you. This is what you do on Fiverr. You are only allowed 300 characters to put it all together.

You have to be very creative when writing the description. Use your ability to come up with a unique idea in a way that no one else has. The most successful people in the world today are people who think differently. So complete your description with a different idea.

Link your facebook account with your Fiverr account. This is a feature that came with Fiverr. It is not mandatory to do this.

Withdrawal of earned money to the bank account

You can withdraw the money you earn through Fiverr to a Paypal or Bank account. It is possible to get directly to a bank in Sri Lanka through Payoneer online bank. Or you can withdraw money to your Payoneer account and then to your bank account.

Let’s make the most of the Fiverr feature.

A lot of newcomers have already started making money through Fiverr. And they have been very successful. However, Fiverr is just one way to make money online.

Fiverr buyer Requests

Buyer Requests is one of the best features on Fiverr that helps potential customers find the person they need to do their job. By sending Buyer Requests for what you can do initially, you will get the order as quickly as possible.

Fiverr sales analytics

Analytics is an essential as well as an essential part of online marketing. This will show you the details of the sales on the Fiverr account and the amount of money you are making in your famous gig countries.

Fiverr sales analytics information

  • AVG. Selling Prize – This is the average sale price you get.
  • Delivered Orders – This shows the number of orders you have delivered. This will show up on your Public Fiverr Profile. So deliver without missing the order you receive per day. Do not cancel any order. Doing so is essential to stay current on Fiverr and increase the number of orders you receive. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  • Responsiveness – This is the most important thing you should do if you want to work on Fiverr. Even with a delay of a few minutes, you can still miss the best opportunity. Also, having good communication with buyers is all you need to succeed on Fiverr.
  • Responsive Rate, Delivered on Time, Order Completion are the three factors that keep you from receiving orders continuously while working on Fiverr. So keeping these at a high level can become a factor that will determine your future.

Fiverr Gig Stats

When you go to Gigs in the Fiverr menu bar, you can see the performance of each Fiverr Gig. From this, you can see the following.

  1. Impression – This is the number of times your gig has been displayed on the Fiverr website.
  2. Click – This shows the number of times the gig was clicked when it was shown. Click count here whether you look at the gig or not.
  3. Pageviews – The number shown in this column should be less than the number shown in the Click bar. Because not everyone who clicks on the gig will engage with the gig, this means that if the person who comes like that does not stay on the gig page for a long time and goes quickly, it will not belong in the pageviews.
  4. Purchases – This shows the number of purchases you have made. Someone who owns pageviews will be your customer. One page view can come and buy as many as you want because there are gig extras and multiple gig units.
  5. Conversion rate – This is a rate. Percentage of people who are your customer from the Pageviews viewing gig. Increasing this rate means that your Fiverr Gig is a success.

Maximum Optimized Fiverr Gig

It’s useless to know everything we know about Fiverr if we do not implement what we know. Some people want to make money on Fiverr but may not know anything. Some people know everything, but they may not know how to get started. This is what it all means. Start with what you know. For those who don’t know, read this.

Making Money on the Internet is a Business You make money by providing your services. All you have to do is leave 2 or 3 Fiverr gigs and wait for them to go on sale. All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going.

Several factors can influence your gig to sell well. So you can use those factors to your advantage to increase sales.

  1. Demand – This is about demand. You need to increase your demand. Don’t go for less than your full potential. Do the best you can for what you can do.
  2. Professionalism – It’s not a good thing that you have shortcomings in your work. So it is essential to know everything you need to know about the service you provide. You also want to show Fiverr Gig visitors that you have this ability.
  3. Attractiveness – We are dealing with another person. So attraction is essential. We can use pictures as well as words to attract another person. So, in this case, you have to do everything you can to get the attention of Fiverr Gig visitors to your gig.
  4. Creativity – Your creative ability is essential for success. Because sometimes it’s hard to do everything just because you can. This will be very important to create a gig that will catch the attention of those on Fiverr.

Fiverr Gig Creation

When you create a Fiverr Gig, you can take a Fiverr Gig from somewhere, put an image on it, and a short description. That Fiverr Gig can have a lot of shortcomings. The probability of selling a Fiverr gig like that is very low. Maybe for your luck, 1 or 2 can sell.

The most important thing now is making the gig your way and not copying other people’s gigs. It’s essential to look at them and get an idea and make it better.

There are several important factors to consider when optimizing a Fiverr gig.

  1. Gig Title.
  2. Gig Images.
  3. Gig Video.
  4. Gig Description.
  5. Gig Tags.

Fiverr Gig Title Creation

When you first start making a gig, you need to give it a good title. The title you enter is the first thing a visitor sees. So the title has to be powerful. Because the title determines whether a visitor comes or not, put an attractive title as a buyer when you write your title.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing a Fiverr Gig title.

  1. This title presents your idea in an apparent single sentence about the service you intend to provide. That means your title should be clear.
  2. Do not extend the Fiverr Gig title. Your skill is based on presenting it in a short & sweet way.
  3. It is essential to go to those who see a clear and attractive message about the service you hope to provide.

The Fiverr Gig title will help you encourage your Fiverr Gig viewer to read more about your Fiverr Gig.

Fiverr Gig images Creation

You can put 03 images on Fiverr Gig. But some people only put an image of 01. The size of the image is at least 550px- 370px. It charges a lot to find images from Google. But it isn’t easy to find an image that fits that size on Google. Finding an image from Google is not acceptable nowadays.

  1. Create 03 Quality Gig images from 550px- 370px for each Fiverr Gig. Try to get an idea of ​​the service you provide from these images.
  2. The first image must be attractive.
  3. Gig image 03 cannot be the same.
  4. Highlight important things.
  5. Mention everything in your gig. Why take a gig, what you can do with it, what kind of service is right for you.
  6. As well as the benefits of your service, try to list every point in your gig image that will make your gig a sale.

Fiverr Gig Video Creation

Fiverr has specifically mentioned putting a video on Fiverr Gig. It is possible not to give, but giving is an essential factor. Because a video can increase sales, it’s a small job.

  1. You can make a video that you present yourself because a video that does that gets a lot of personalized and trust. But there is no need to present yourself.
  2. Make a small video script in your voice and try to tell it. If robot recording is left, why will not trust the video?
  3. Simply add a complete description of the gig to the video.
  4. Create a gig video for a maximum of 59 seconds.
  5. If you have Gig Extras, tell us about them in the video.

Fiverr Gig Description Creation

After looking at the Gig title, most people look at the Gig Description. So we need to mention our service. Because otherwise, we can miss sales. There are several Gig Description Writing Technique.

Fiverr Description

Below is a list of gig description layouts and things to include in it. You do not have the permission required to post. So you choose the best ones and write the Fiverr Gig Description.

  1. You only get 1200 characters to complete the Fiverr Gig Description.
  2. What is your service?
  3. The uniqueness of the service you provide when comparing one service to another.
  4. Some of the key features of the service you provide.
  5. The main advantages of your service.
  6. What do you offer for $ 5? What do you do for more?
  7. Whether there are free offers, discounts, or bonuses in your service.
  8. Qualifications you have to provide the service you provide.
  9. People who fit your service.

Use the above tips as much as possible and create a Maximum Optimized Fiverr Gig Description for each of your Gig Ideas.

Fiverr Gig Tag Selection Technique

Fiverr Gig tags are a feature that helps your gig come up when searching on Fiverr. If you can put all the tags that match the services you give, after all, you can put only five tags. So choose the five best tags.

Publish your first Fiverr Gig correctly.

Now you know how many Fiverr Gigs you put in a Fiverr Business and the essential things in that Gig.

  • Gig title
  • Gig images 3
  • Gig Description
  • Tags
  • Buyer instruction
  • Gig video

Fiverr Gig Creation

Now let’s make a Fiverr Gig by adding everything we have created.

First, go to and enter your username & password and log in. Then go to Gigs in the top menu and CREATE A NEW GIG to create a gig.

Fiverr Gig Creation

Fiverr Gig Creation Title & Category

Fiverr likes to keep the Fiverr Gig title “Just Perfect.”

Then select the category and sub-category that best suits the service you are ready to give through the gig.

Service type – Next, select what type of service you are providing.

Fiverr Gig Creation Title & Category

Gig metadata – Specifies which industry a targeted gig is in and the languages ​​used.

Search tags – Use tags to match as previously explained. You can get an idea of ​​this further if you look at the gigs of others who provide your service.

Prices can start from $ 5 next. In the early stages, you can sell the service for a maximum price of up to $ 995. The service you provide can be done in 3 packages or as a package.

Add Extra Services – what can add additional services provided by your package separately.

Next, we have to explain the description we talked about earlier in a way that fits and is easy to read.

Frequently Asked Questions – The option allows you to pre-answer some of buyers’ most frequently asked questions. But in the early days, it would be good not to use this feature for major issues because most people will then message you and ask about it.

Requirements – In addition to the money to perform your service, you should mention what you need from the customer. This will make it easier for you to start working as soon as you receive an order.

Build Your Gig Gallery – Use your prepared images & video or PDF as mentioned earlier.

Then all you have to do is do it.

Let’s talk about the things that can get orders quickly, success in Fiverr, and more about Fiverr Gig SEO in the future.

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