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What is search intent? This article is going to talk about it in its entirety. However, this topic is one that a website developer will never miss or forget. This is a difficult situation for our people in Sri Lanka to identify as such a topic. Especially for a novice planning to create a website, this topic is more likely to be missed due to ignorance. I thought of talking about this, especially with that in mind. So let’s see what this search intent is.

We can see that this is called search intent or user intent, or audience intent. In short, search intent can be defined as the intent of the person searching. In the language we understand, search intent can be defined as “the purpose of a search engine when searching for something.” Maybe not yet understood. In other words, in a search engine like Google, someone searches for something to find something. So this purpose varies from person to person, from search keyword to keyword. This difference sometimes remains the same even when searching for the same keyword.

So, if we do not understand the purpose of this search, we will not get successful results even if we write an article on our website using less competitive keywords. I think you may have already had an experience like this.

What is the use of understanding the search intent?

If you are interested in SEO, you already know that the primary purpose of every search engine, including Google, is to show the most relevant results related to what is being searched on that search engine. (relevant search results) Because no matter how important it is, if what the searcher finds is different than that, it will be of no use.

So we must understand this fact if we want to have top-ranking expectations in the search engine. Also, if you want to improve your website ranking quickly, this is one of the critical factors you should consider when writing an article. If you make a mistake, it is difficult to achieve successful results no matter how good your keywords are.

When you google the keyword Noodles soup, you will see Noodles soup recipes all over the home page. Because Google knows what Noodles soup is, and no one searches for it. But if you look at the keyword and write an article about Noodles soup, you will never get to the top of the rankings. This example is simple and easy to understand. But many people have some keywords that make it websites very difficult to understand the search intent easily. To build the website, it becomes essential to properly understand the search intent while creating the basic design and keywords research. That’s when you can write articles to the exact search intent.

Types of Search Intent

What can identify the search intent in 4 main categories?

SEO Search Intent | Let's create a website to top the rankings 2022

Informational Search intent

This means searching for something to get some information. A person searching for this type of keyword can identify that they are searching for a specific question or what they want to know more about. Maybe the keyword is a how-to guide, tutorials, a recipe, question, or a definition.


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Although Elon Musk seems to be just a person’s name, the searcher’s purpose is undoubted to discover more about him. So this is one of the keywords mentioned earlier called Noodles soup. We have to understand that no one searches for that keyword to determine who made the noodles soup. We can get a good idea of ​​this from Google by looking at the websites and results currently ranked for a particular keyword.

SEO Search Intent | Let's create a website to top the rankings 2022

Navigational Search intent

Anyone searching for this type of keyword will know in advance which website they should go to. Even if they search using a search engine like Google, they will go to a website they already know. For example, if you take keywords like Facebook, Amazon, Gmail, yahoo mail, go to their official website and search for them. No matter what we do with their keywords, we do not have to rank those keywords.

Currently, the name of my website, SEOTOOLZ, is searched only by those who find my website. So even though the competition for keywords like this is less, it is not very useful to use it from another website. While these keywords often show the nature of a brand name, it is not always the case. Therefore, if you do not look at the keywords correctly in research, it can be missed.

SEO Search Intent | Let's create a website to top the rankings 2022

Transactional Search intent‍

A person searching for this type of keyword is searching to make a purchase. That purchase could be something like a product, service, or subscription. People who search for something like this are looking for action like buying, so they already know what they are looking for, and the main goal may be to find a place to make that purchase. So writing an article with many details about a product using a keyword like this is more likely to be of no use. Even from Google, you get a low rank because the search intent is different.


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SEO Search Intent | Let's create a website to top the rankings 2022

SEO Benefits of Search Intent Targeting

Knowing what search intent is is essential in moving the keywords that make up your website to the top rankings of search engines. Because as mentioned earlier, search engines want to give the best results to the person searching. So, just like most people do now, you can not be successful just by matching the keywords nicely inside the article. But if you write an article to match the search intent, there is a possibility of maximum success in SEO.

In addition, if you write an article like this, the website’s bounce rate will often decrease. You can go from a limited number of visits to a large number of page views. The search intent also has a direct effect on Google being able to display result-like feature snippets. This will also increase the ranking of more keywords in one article.

Going beyond that, writing why can ultimately reduce a failed article if the article is written with proper study.

SEO Search Intent | Let's create a website to top the rankings 2022

How to optimize search intent?

To do this, you need to understand what search intent is. To understand that, it will be easier for you to study the search intent types mentioned above. Keep in mind that you will find many keywords that go beyond the ones mentioned above.

The most effective way to understand the search intent is to thoroughly study your competitors’ websites, which are currently ranked in the search engine for the keywords you wish to rank. Because we can undoubtedly believe that they are ranked according to the search results with the best results available at the moment, you’ll probably find a lot of keywords with search intent that any competitor does not entirely appropriately write.

If they are easy to find, then you know exactly what the website is all about. That is the main advantage of creating a website about something you know. Search engines give the best results they currently have. Therefore, I have nothing strange about how easy it would be to rank such search intents with incompletely written keywords.

In addition, it is essential to understand the structure of the article and the layout of your article. Also, the tone in which they address the visitor is essential. Because the language style of an article that we address a group of young people and the language style that a group of women addresses is different. In other words, if the nature of the address to the target audience does not change, it will not fit.

Also, language should be considered because when targeting a country like Sri Lanka, it is more successful in doing work in Sinhala than in English. You can find such information from country to country, and what points others have covered about keywords can be considered an essential factor in the mainline. It is also essential to look closely at the essential things that they have missed.

Many people search some keywords, but they are probably looking for a video or an image related to them. At such a time, no matter how well the article is written and the website is created, it does not make much sense. We have to understand the search intent. For those who do not want to read more, watch the video you like the most, no matter how good the article is. Such people also get lost. Going beyond that, you will understand whether the keywords are suitable for a website or a video.

So if you do a proper study of the topics discussed, it will be effortless for you to successfully create an article that optimizes the search intent and create a website.

So after reading this article, I think you will be able to create a website that suits the search intent without getting lost.

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